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Strategic Insurance Investments

The Crumdale Difference

“We align our intellectual and financial capital with entrepreneurs who are disruptors and innovators.  The results are inflective for our partners and highly strategic for Crumdale.”  Matt Naylor, Chairman and CEO, Crumdale Partners

Crumdale is an active participant in the broader Insuretech industry as both user of cutting-edge technologies and an investor in promising young companies that are shaping the future of insurance.  The firm utilizes a forward-thinking approach in identifying market opportunities and challenging problems in need of solutions.  We then put our team and our capital to work.
By actively investing in this segment, Crumdale is able to:

  • support like-minded entrepreneurs in achieving their ambitions
  • sharpen its proposition and identifies aspects of the insurance value chain that are ripe for innovation
  • build awareness among our professionals by networking with innovators and entrepreneurs
  • forge commercial partnerships that provide new and more effective ways of conducting business
  • sustain its competitive edge and develops future opportunities for growth.

If you are seeking a true value-add investor, please contact info@crumdalepartners.com; 610-280-4320.

Prior Strategic Insurance Investment
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