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Partnering With Broker
Firms and Agency Owners

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Crumdale Partners is looking for broker firms or agencies interested in joining forces and resources for mutual success!

In addition to our organic growth strategy, we also actively pursue acquisitions and other strategic partnerships across a broad range of insurance-related products, services and solutions to strengthen and diversify our capabilities and provide strategic growth opportunities for like-minded entrepreneurial businesses.

Rather than take over, we want to guide owners to transform agencies to build scalable, profitable and independent partners we can build equity with. Contact us to learn more about our mergers and acquisitions with broker firms and agency owners.

Building Broker Firms
for Mutual Success


Accelerated Growth
Your firm will have a scalable platform featuring enhanced organic growth with opportunities for high carrier payments along with expanded marketing and sales programs to increase your product and service offerings.
Integrated Backends
Crumdale Partners provides centralized and integrative support and administrative functions, so agencies run smoothly and owners can improve daily activities and increase earnings.
Trusted Carriers
Crumdale Partners has established relationships with leading carriers and vendors. We leverage our relationships to maximize opportunities for our brokers.
Continuity & Equity
Crumdale targets agency owners who wish to continue building value beyond the partnership transaction. Partners are rewarded with a “second bite of the apple.”
Agency Culture & Identity
Crumdale Partners takes a hands-off approach so agencies can retain their culture and local identity within the market. You get our resources while making your own operational decisions.
Entrepreneurial Atmosphere
We focus on building a creative space with a business-minded attitude where our partners are equally aligned and excited to pursue new opportunities and growth.

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Join Our Partnership!

03what we offer

If you are a broker firm or agency owner looking to build equity and scale while still maintaining your independence, let’s talk! Crumdale Partners is excited to work with passionate and eager owners interested in growing and collaborating on new opportunities.

Are you interested in learning more about our mergers and acquisitions? Join our mailing list for instant access to our M&A partnership information.

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