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Agency Acquisitions

The Crumdale Difference

“My partnership with Crumdale has been a game-changer.  They’ve leveraged their relationships and freed me to focus on new revenue generation.  They also brought organization and efficiency to my back office.”  John DiMartino, Founder Liberty Benefit Advisors

“Crumdale brought stability to our organization and put the wind back in our sails.”  Kathryn Ingenito, VP and Lead Consultant, Evolve Insurance Advisors, LLC

Crumdale’s mission is to develop a broad-based business agency that takes a consultative and creative approach to meet the risk management and employee benefits needs of its clients by combining experienced, local market advisors with the support of sophisticated technology and resources within an innovative and entrepreneurial team environment.

We are actively pursuing P&C and Employee Benefit agencies with revenues ranging from $500,000 to $5 million.

Crumdale partners with high caliber agency owners with proven track records who are looking to remain the face of their businesses and retain their local culture while leveraging the people, resources, products, and best practices of a larger organization.

We provide our partner agencies an opportunity for exceptional growth while broadening products and services offered to clients.

By partnering with like-minded agency owners looking to build a best in class organization, the Crumdale platform offers an opportunity to take your business to the next level.

Becoming a part of the Crumdale organization is designed to be simple, straightforward and rewarding. Through equity upside and economic incentives around business unit performance, agency owners who join our team unlock value now while obtaining the tools, resources and support to further succeed and prosper in the future.

Our focus is on identifying agencies with the right team looking to grow with products and services complementary to the Crumdale platform. Crumdale is growing a national, diversified agency with expertise across multiple product lines and industries to service sophisticated business insurance and employee benefit needs.

The Crumdale Approach

In partnering with your agency, we believe strongly in the formula of success created by you and your team. Our objective is to add resources to this formula (rather than change it). That’s why Crumdale’s philosophy is rooted in partner independence and maintaining the established culture of success. Crumdale brings agency owners a new level of success via:

  • Accelerated Organic Growth – Crumdale offers a scalable platform that enhances growth prospects with:
    • Higher Carrier Payments via aggregate platform volume;
    • Expanded Product and Service Offerings from interagency cross-selling and special programs; and
    • Best Practices marketing and sales support.
  • Integrated Back Ends – centralized administrative and support offerings free owner and producer bandwidth to focus on revenue producing activities and improve earnings.
  • Superior Carrier Relationships – aggregate volume and scale provide access to a broader array of carriers and their special programs, all along with improved leverage in negotiating terms.
  • Owner Continuity with Equity Upside – Crumdale targets agency owners who wish to continue building value beyond the Crumdale transaction. Partners are rewarded with a ‘second bite of the apple’.
  • Maintenance of Local Identity and Culture – marrying a local orientation and service culture with large firm benefits is a winning combination. Crumdale preserves decision-making authority with the agency to maximize consistency because “who you are” and “how you operate” is fundamental to historical success and meeting future objectives.
  • Fostering a Creative and Entrepreneurial Atmosphere – Crumdale’s owners and producers flourish in an innovative, opportunistic environment. They embrace new products, are open to best practices, and are aligned in achieving Crumdale’s growth objectives.

Crumdale was built by Entrepreneurs and we seek to partner with Entrepreneurs – those who are like-minded in our forward-thinking approach.

At the end of the day, Relationships matter most to Crumdale.  Our success is built person by person and we take pride in our people and the relationships they have cultivated with our vendors and clients.