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Our Crumdale Advisors division partners with select retail brokers nationally to deliver innovative products and solutions for self-funded employee benefit plans.

We help our broker partners disrupt the status quo and address the root causes of healthcare inflation.

Employers are looking for new cost containment strategies beyond shifting more cost to employees. Through established third-party partnerships with innovative solution providers, we develop proprietary products, services and solutions to manage and reduce claims and lower administrative fees and premium expenses. This expanded offering allows our broker partners to differentiate their product offerings to win and retain business.

We leverage deep relationships with our third-party partners to develop and deliver proprietary products and solutions to lower costs and improve benefits. We understand the strengths, and weakness of our proprietary solutions and where and how they can be most effective. We then work with our broker partners to identify the right circumstances to implement our programs. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service to our broker partners through product identification, quoting, implementation and servicing. We leverage our industry relationships and superior product and technical knowledge to enable our independent broker partners to access products and services typically only available through national insurance brokers.

We provide a broad range of products and services for benefits brokers, including:

  • Networks
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers
  • Stop Loss Reinsurance
  • Referenced Based Reimbursement
  • Captives
  • Case Management/Utilization Management/Disease Management
  • Bundled Surgical Procedures
  • Other Cost Containment Solutions
  • Telemedicine
  • Wellness
  • On Site/Near Site Clinics
  • Claims Auditing
  • Data Analytics
  • Transparency Tools

We execute clear contracts with our broker partners to establish roles and responsibilities and insure the integrity of our third party relationships and the existing and prospective client relationships of our broker partners. We work seamlessly as an extension of the internal teams of our broker partners to improve their clients’ benefits experience.

Business Insurance

Crumdale delivers a broad range of innovative, cost-effective commercial insurance and risk management products and solutions to our clients.

Employee Benefits

We harness new and innovative offerings in the market to stem rising healthcare costs and deliver a superior experience to employees.

Voluntary Benefits

Crumdale’s ancillary benefit products are a unique solution to help fill any gaps in traditional employee benefit plan offerings.

Advisory Services

Our wholesale benefits division partners with retail brokers nationally to deliver innovative products and solutions for self-funded benefit plans.